If you are a recent visitor to the NC Room you may notice that some things are not quite the same. Well, it is just the beginning. In the next few months the library staff will prepare for substantial  changes. And remember, Change is Good. The NC Room is scheduled to relocate to the Ground Floor where the current Periodicals & Government Documents department is currently located. 

Here are a few of the advantages to the new location for the NC Room:

* Almost four times the shelf space as in the current North Carolina Room

* All microfilm and microfilm readers in one place

* All government documents in one place (local, state, and federal)

* All archival copies of magazines and newspapers in one place

* Public computers dedicated to genealogical, local history, and government document research only

* Improved security for irreplaceable materials

* Separate and secured entrance to the collection

* Display areas for special collections

No definite date is set for the Great Migration but we are doing all we can to get ready for it. As a result some books have been temporaily relocated. Ask any staff member if you have trouble finding a title.

Wish us luck as we prepare to to become better than ever!