pawilson1The recent articles in the Winston-Salem Journal about the library sparked many comments in the on-line edition. More than one person mentioned that, thanks to Google, libraries are obsolete.  If you believe that, you really don’t know much about what getting the proper information is all about.

Try this. Go to Google and type in “Winston-Salem Mayors”. You’ll get many hits, but none of them will lead you to this:

The City of Winston-Salem has created a marvelous gallery of all the mayors of the towns of Salem and Winston and the city of Winston-Salem. Dates of service are given, usually with a bit of information about their term(s), and most have pictures.

Above is Winston’s second mayor, Peter Wilson, who served from 1860-61 and also 1882-83. He was an interesting character, a tailor who also owned a hotel/house of entertainment at the corner of Third and Liberty Streets.

There’s more at this site. Give it a look. But the point is that you could Google all day and you’d never find this site. That’s one reason that you still need libraries. Librarians know how and where to look.