Published in Winston-Salem from approximately 1924-1936, the Boone Trail Herald was a newsletter of the Boone Trail Highway and Memorial Association, Inc. The brainchild of “Major” Joseph Hampton Rich (1874-1949), a graduate of Wake Forest (1898),  it featured articles on the placement of Boone Trail monuments, maps, photographs, and a few advertisements.

J. Hampton Rich is perhaps most famous for his founding of the Boone Trail Highway and Memorial Association in 1913, with the goal of building a highway in honor of Daniel Boone. His unusual arrowhead-shaped monuments and plaques decorated with bears and pioneer imagery contributed greatly to the legend of Daniel Boone.

The so-called “Mother Tablet” monument was erected in October 1927 in Winston-Salem.  It is currently administered by the City of Winston-Salem and is located on a triangular island at the intersection of Reynolda Road and West End Boulevard near Hanes Park:


The plaque includes a map of the Boone Trail Highway and reads:

“In Memory of Trail Maker
Hunter and Pioneer
Daniel Boone
Who hunted, fished and fought
in the streams and forests of
this and adjoining counties during
the middle of the 18th century.”

Legend has it that Daniel Boone’s trail began at the old Moravian Store in Winston-Salem, where he bought gun powder for his trip. The North Carolina Room currently has four issues of the Boone Trail Herald, located in our biographical file for Daniel Boone. We also have multiple Boone biographies and historical research on the Boone Trail. Our issues have been digitized and can be downloaded below:

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