Sydney Harris was one of my favorite newspaper columnists. Every now and then he’d run a column titled “Things I Discovered on the Way to Looking Up Other Things.” They were always my favorites.

The same thing often happens when we are looking up things in the NC Room. The other day our page, Dipali Patel, was looking for an old obituary. Suddenly, she said “Fam, look at what I found!”

And you see it here, from the front page of the Winston-Salem Journal, 1904.

From it’s opening in the 1890s until its closing in the 1960s, O’Hanlon’s Drugstore was the social and information center of Winston-Salem. If you wanted to know what was really going on, you had to drop in for a soda or an ice cream every day. You might run into anyone, from R.J. Reynolds to the guy who arrested hogs for running loose in the streets.

This cartoon, with an excellent likeness of Edward W. O’Hanlon, accompanied an article about his acquisition, from Sihon A. Ogburn, of the building in which he had been conducting business for several years, and his plan to erect there, at the corner of Liberty and Fourth Streets, a taller building.

That did not happen until 1915, when he built the present O’Hanlon Building, which was briefly the tallest building in North Carolina.

Stay tuned for a lot more about the O’Hanlon Corner, once the crossroads of Winston-Salem.