UPDATE: Winston-Salem wins! From NC Miscellany:

“The people have spoken! We will digitize Sanborn maps from Winston-Salem next. It’s a great set — we’ll include maps from 1885, 1890, 1895, 1900, 1907, 1912, and 1917. The 1917 set is especially rich, covering the whole city and surrounding industrial areas on 112 sheets. Look for these to start appearing soon, with Durham and Hillsborough to come a little later.”

Many thanks to all of you who voted to support the digitization of these gems. Keep an eye on North Carolina Maps’ Sanborn collection for Winston-Salem maps to appear soon!


Please use the link below and vote for WINSTON-SALEM!

From the North Carolina Miscellany blog:

“The North Carolina Maps project is continuing to grow, with a big focus of the current year being the digitization of all of the pre-1923 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps in the North Carolina Collection. These are fantastic resources, showing towns and cities from around the state in incredible detail. Designed to be used by insurance agencies and local fire departments, the maps show the footprint, size, and purpose of most buildings in the city. […] Keep up with our progress on the Sanborn Map page on our website.

In an effort to democratize the digitization process, I’d like to have your help in choosing what city to work on next. All of the cities and towns for which pre-1923 maps are available will be done eventually, but if you can’t wait to see these fascinating maps for your hometown, cast your vote in the comments section below.”

The sooner UNC gets these digitized, the sooner they can be accessed by the public! This is an outstanding opportunity for pre-1923 Sanborn maps of Winston-Salem to be digitized – in full color and absolutely free!

Please encourage friends and family to vote by simply adding their name and voting for Winston-Salem in the comments section using the link at the top of this post. Here’s to more local history resources online!