WS5015ButtonLast week we asked everyone to go to the North Carolina Miscellany site and vote for Winston-Salem in the great Sanborn map vote-off. Many of you did, and for that we thank you. I expect that the folks at the Wilson Library will start digitizing our maps sometime next week.

But North Carolina Miscellany is way more than a voting booth. For those interested in North Carolina history and culture it is a treasure trove of things that we either never knew or have long since forgotten.

For instance, what is the significance of the blue button shown here? Go to the website and find out. Spend some time browsing. You’ll find all kinds of cool stuff, including another button stating that Republican secretaries can type, a reference to Liz Ray, from Marshall, Madison County, N.C., who, when she became the focus of a scandal involving Democrat Representative Wayne Hays of Ohio, admitted to reporters “I can’t type. I can’t file. I can’t even answer the phone.”

Check it out. North Carolina Miscellany