Have you heard of Footnote.com? It is home to over 59 million (and growing) digitized historic documents for history and genealogy research. Check out their two-minute introduction or their thirty-minute webinar exploring the features of their resources.

Although the full Footnote.com website currently is not  available for free at Forsyth County Public Library, it is available at the Family History Center of Winston-Salem. The public version of Footnote lets you search for records (you have to pay to view some of them) and also has some collections that are available for free (see this list).

Footnote has an agreement with the National Archives and the Library of Congress to digitize historic documents (such as early U.S. Census, WWII, and Civil War records) and make them available for free after making them available for a fee for a few years.

For the month of October 2009, Footnote is making available for free their new Holocaust Collection of documents and stories. Start exploring today!