In 1849, the state legislature chopped off the bottom half of Stokes County to form the new County of Forsyth. A year later, they did the same to Surry County, creating the county of Yadkin. Not everyone was pleased. On January 3, 1852, the Salem weekly People’s Press published a report by a group of malcontents who wanted to carve off a chunk of western Stokes and another of eastern Surry to make yet another new county. The report mentioned that they all concurred that the seat of the new county should be a place called Warhill, or War Hill.

A regular in the NC Room recently asked us where Warhill might have been. We had no idea, so asked other patrons known to be knowledgeable about the area. Still nothing.

We found a few passing references. Apparently there was a Methodist church there in the 1860s. A later state geological survey mentions it as a minor source of quartzite-like rock. Somebody thought it might have been a post office, but it does not appear in any of the historical guides to post offices. It is not on any of our historic maps, nor does it appear on any of the maps at the NC Maps site.

But I’m betting that somebody out there knows something about this place. It is spelled as one word, Warhill, and two words, War Hill. If you know anything about it, please speak up.

You can read a transcription of the original People’s Press articles at Faye Moran’s fantastic website. The transcription spells it War Hill. The microfilm of the original shows it as Warhill.