The Census is a huge deal as any genealogist can tell you. I’ve heard that some family researchers are counting the days until April 2, 2012 when the personal information from the 1940 US Census is released. The government cannot release that info. until 72 years after the Census is taken. Just as important to all of us is the statistical data derived from the Census. Everything from our level of representation in government to the amount of money our county and city receive are determined by the numbers.  So it literally pays to be counted.

The NC Room is very Census friendly. We have the personal info. for the whole country from 1790 to 1930 available through the databases, Ancestry and Heritage Quest as well as North Carolina and surrounding states info.  on microfilm.  As a Federal Depository Library of government documents we also have the statisical data available in print. These days the best way to get the most up to date data is to go to The Census Bureau now uses a rolling sampling system called the American Community Survey to gather data every year but the complete count is still every ten years.

Get ready to be counted on Census Day

April 1, 2010