In the header of every post on this blog is a link that allows you to comment on that post. As shown in my previous post “War Hill Found,” reader comments can contribute important information for us and other readers as well. We would like to see this blog become a place where such information can be exchanged.

We would also like to hear what you think about specific posts or the blog in general. Was a certain post helpful or not? Was it the sort of information you would like to see more or less of? Suggestions are also welcome.

After the blog had been up for a few months, I began to wonder why we weren’t seeing any comments. Recently I was looking around inside the dashboard and discovered that there had been several attempts to make comments, but that a box requiring administrative approval before comments could appear had been checked. I apologize for the delay in posting caused by that. I unchecked the box and approved all of the comments, which immediately appeared.

A few had been routed to a spam file. Most of those were garbled, but one or two made a little sense. I tried to e-mail the people who sent those, but the e-mails were rejected as invalid addresses. Please be careful to supply your correct e-mail address. We will never post your address without your permission.

If you have tried to post a comment and it has never appeared, please try again. We welcome all civil discourse, critical or not.