Last week a patron was looking for a certain creek in extreme northeastern Davidson County. She wasn’t certain of the name, but thought it might be Cool Creek.  On the 1975 G.P. Stout Historical Research Map of Davidson County, she found a creek exactly where she thought it ought to, but it wasn’t called Cool Creek.

“Look at this,” she said. “This can’t be right.” I looked. It said “Cudda Bum.” I agreed. That couldn’t possibly be the name of a creek. But a quick look at Bill Powell’s The North Carolina Gazetteer proved us both wrong:

Cudda Bum, a creek, rises in ne Davidson County and flows s into Abbotts Creek. Named for Cuddahy Crouch who lived nearby. “Bum” was his favorite expression, and when Cuddahy Creek was dammed for a mill he began to speak of it a “a bum creek.” From Cuddahy’s Bum Creek the name cudda Bum evolved.