Bob Carroll at his 101st birthday party

Legendary Stokes County historian Bob Carroll died Tuesday at the age of 104. He got his longevity from his mother, who, along with two of her sisters, all lived past 100. Bob loved learning so much that he spent 4 years in the 7th grade, which was the highest grade until the local system added a high school. He began a lifelong love of journalism working on the staff of the Guilfordian at Guilford College. He wrote a popular column in the Danbury Reporter for 27 years.

Bob published four books:

The History of Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1851-1976

One Hundred Years of King History

Stokes County, N.C. : A History

Stokes County’s Old, Odd and Other Stuff

The North Carolina Room has copies of all four. Central has two circulating copies of Stokes County’s Old, Odd and Other Stuff on the shelf and the Rural Hall branch has one which is currently checked out.

Read more about Bob’s life at the Stokes News website:

Bob Carroll Dead at 104