Which of these Depression Era desperadoes, born and raised in Abbotts Creek Township in  Forsyth County, NC, terrorized the citizens of North and South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia for sixteen years, committing a series of bank and highway robberies, kidnappings, hundreds of auto thefts and, finally, the murder of a North Carolina State trooper?

Which was arrested in North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana a total of five times, and sent to prison, yet escaped six times?

Which, during their last escape, kidnapped the warden and another official of the state prison, commandeered a laundry truck, carjacked another vehicle, then spent the next twelve hours racing about for three hundred miles on eastern North Carolina back roads eluding over two hundred law enforcement officers, only to vanish into the night?

Which made J. Edgar Hoover’s personal most wanted list, more than a decade before the FBI “Ten Most Wanted” list was created?

And which is buried in the Abbotts Creek Missionary Baptist Church cemetery near Wallburg, just across the line in Davidson County?

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