Yesterday, a new type of truck showed up across the street and began pumping concrete into the big hole that has been dug by Lowder, Inc.


This concrete pumper is operated by Coastal Carolina Pumping of Raleigh, NC. Concrete pumpers come in many types and styles. A typical one might have a vertical and horizontal reach of around 40 meters, about 131 feet, with a pumping capacity of about 180 cubic yards of concrete per hour.

A purpose built pumper designed by Schwing Stetter holds the current world record of pumping a concrete mix 715 meters, about 2,346 feet, vertically while building a dam in India in 2009. We’ve come a long way from a bunch of muscular guys pushing wheelbarrows.


A Cemex in-transit mixer feeds concrete to the pumper.


When the pour is finished, any concrete left in the pumper is returned to the in-transit mixer.