Although the North Carolina Room has subscribed to genealogical journals and newsletters as well as other magazines and newspapers for many years, it’s been difficult to know what titles we had and whether older issues were available.  Those days are gone!  Now, our periodicals (meaning publications that are issued “periodically”) are in the catalog.  If you’re looking for a particular title, you can enter the name into a catalog search.  If you’re curious about what titles are available on a topic, you can search the catalog by subject.  Just click on the drop-down arrow next to the search box to change the default search type from “words or phrase” to “subject.”

For example, if you attended this week’s Forsyth County Genealogical Society’s meeting, you might be interested in Virginia genealogy.  If you enter the terms virginia genealogy periodicals as a subject search, thirteen titles will pop up.  If you click on “Magazine of Virginia genealogy,” you’ll see that we have bound copies from 1984 forward and that we have an active subscription.  Or if you miss “Gourmet” magazine and want to peruse recipes from when it was still in publication, put gourmet in the search box and change the search type to “periodical title.”  You’ll see that we have issues from 1972 through 2009.  What does that have to do with North Carolina?  Perhaps not much.  But the NC Room is where all bound volumes for the library are kept so you’ll find lots of treasures here.

Come on by and take a look.  You may discover something you’ve been looking for and didn’t know we have.