Logo001A quickie post, connected with the recent “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” post and other events.


The first Winston-Salem police department, 1913, at their headquarters at the former Winston Town Hall. Front row, left to right, former Salem police chief Luther W. Kimball, W-S chief James A. Thomas and A. Columbus Wall. Second row, E. Frank Apple, Robert W. Bryant and Robert Young. Third row, Robert L. Blackburn and John T. Thompson. Fourth row Norman B. Williams and sanitary inspector Charles A. Pratt.

Courtesy of the W-S Police Department

Of interest: Chief Thomas was suspended for four days in the aftermath of the Snipes Gang incident. Sergeant Thompson, two rows up and to his left, a twenty year veteran, was appointed acting chief in the interim. Chief Thomas’ suspension without pay was upheld, but he was returned to active duty.

Officer William F. Byrd, a former deputy sheriff not in the picture, was also suspended and resigned. Soon afterward he was working as deputy clerk of  superior court.

Officer Young would later leave the department to volunteer for service in the “Great War”, eventually  known as WW I.  In 1918, while awaiting induction, and serving as a volunteer firefighter, he was killed while trying to help repel a lynch mob at the former Winston Town Hall.