Thanks to the generosity of the Colonel Joseph Winston Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, we’re pleased to announce that we now have South Carolina in the American Revolution and New York in the American Revolution by Eric G. Grundset, the first two volumes of the new DAR Source Guides on the American Revolution series.  These valuable guides provide detailed information about where important genealogical information may be found including extensive bibliographies and lists of major research centers, annotated transcriptions of useful government documents, maps and much more.  We’re told that North Carolina in the American Revolution is due to be released in 2015.  Even if you have no ancestors from South Carolina or New York, take a look.  Mr. Grundset’s explanatory paragraphs make for fascinating reading.


The DAR also gave us a copy of The Secrets of Sterling Shearin: the Noblest Cause, an epistolary novel in the form of a 1790’s Southern diary.  Author S. Ferrell weaves into the narrative some lesser known Founding Fathers such as Nathaniel Macon, William R. Davie, and James Iredell for whom three North Carolina counties were named.  Central Library also has a copy that can be checked out.  If you’d like to read it and it’s already in use, please ask a librarian to help you put it on hold.  When it’s returned, we’ll keep it for you and let you know it’s ready to be picked up.