This took longer than it should have, but I hope it is worth the wait.

Here are the adult folks that Tom Coppedge photographed in September, 1956…those tasked with trying to manage the Watson kids revealed in a previous post. As always, click on the pic to see a readable version.

0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0WatsonAdultsI would like to thank our photo librarian Molly Rawls for originally posting the two pictures, and all who responded to the call, with special thanks to my RJR High School classmate Skip Stanley for first identifying Rosalie Nimetz, Nancy Kent Zimmerman (RJRHS ’65 classmate of my baby sister Beth) for getting the ball rolling, and most of all, the extraordinary Levin sisters, Molly and Jean, who nailed it all down. And of course, Tom Coppedge, for herding all those adults and children…that must have been quite a task.

But this is not over. Somebody still needs to identify “Baby Barrett”, who almost certainly had a name other than “baby”. And those who have similar pictures of their neighbors anywhere in the area need to get in touch with Molly Rawls at 336.703.3072 to find out how you can contribute to our community’s understanding of its past. Please do it today…we’re all in this together.

Almost forgot the dog: 0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0Penny