Well, here he comes again.

When I tell people that I have the best job in Forsyth County, they often give me funny looks. They know that the pay is ridiculously low and that I have to spend a good bit of time on irrelevant stuff.

But what they don’t know is that the rest of the time I am doing pure research on matters important to the history of our community. Most of the questions that I try to answer are quite specific…about people, families, businesses, buildings, events from our city’s past. But the best part is the unintended consequences of that research…things that I stumble upon while looking for other things.

While doing research for two recent blog posts on the “Great Winston-Salem race riot of 1918″…which was in no way a “race riot”…I stumbled upon yet another piece of information about this guy, who just won’t go away:

The several posts that I have done about the “Battle of Henry Johnson” are among the most popular that we have ever done. They still get numerous hits almost every day. And thanks to NY Senator Charles Schumer, there is still a chance that Henry will eventually get the Medal of Honor that he so richly deserves.

I thought that I had exhausted the Henry Johnson story, but today stumbled upon yet another chapter. Read this and tell me who we should be proud of as Americans:

American National Biography Online

But first, read my original posts on Henry, a tiny man of great heart and great proportions:

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