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OK, the chase is on. Molly Levin Beck thinks that she knows a couple of the folks pictured…her uncle Charlie Church and his wife Polly Lineberry Church. Charlie served on the first 20th century integrated board of aldermen with the Reverend Kenneth Williams under two mayors, George Lentz and Marshall Kurfees. Charlie was the president at that time of the Service Coal Company, located at 501 East Seventh Street. Polly also served as an officer of the company.

Warm Morning Heater Coal Stove Wood Stove | eBay 2013-11-29 19-36-10 copy

Some of us remember coal because our family owned a “Warm Morning Heater” and the coal bin in the basement. Guess who got to go down there, fill up the coal scuttle, then turn the lever, open the door and pour the coal into the heater.

The main picture comes from the Snow family archive, so I suspected that it might center around the Snows…no surprise, Molly says that her uncle and aunt vacationed with the Snows in the 1930s and later played a lot of bridge with them. Among the Snows other favorite bridge players were Marshall Kurfees and his wife Mabel, who also served as the mayor’s office manager. Kurfees, for many years, managed the Blue Bird Cab Company and Mabel worked at Ideal Dry Goods.


Blue Bird Cab Company, 525 N. Cherry, late 1930s

It was Molly and her sister Jean who identified most of the Watson Avenue people, so put on your thinking cap if you want to keep up.

If you’re too young to remember any of these people, show this picture to your parents, aunts, uncles, etc. Just click on “Comment” to make an ID.