A lot of very smart people visit our blog. Here is what one of them has to say about the “1940ish” picture:

“Ten women,and twenty-seven men with no dogs or children, exceedingly odd for a church picture.

It’s cold and the site has been chosen, indeed well known for a group shot in bleacher style.

It’s overcast and around one thirty pm and there is no flash needed ,the film is 125 ASA at a shutterspeed of as much as a half a second at Fstop eleven,  a guess.  This shot could have been planned using a tripod and self timer feature that everyone was used to in those days, or are they reacting to someone’s directions ?

These mugs are very familiar to me,  isnt that a young Frank Jones with the big ears?  The group has a common denominator, (a local club? The Elks?)…most likely news,  broadcasting, radio,  and electrical gizmos.”

I agree with these observations. I took a tour of downtown churches Saturday and found only one possible church site, behind the original 1st Baptist building on Poplar Street, but it is a stretch…the terrain has been significantly altered by later church building projects. There were houses on the west side of Poplar, but these don’t quite match the ones shown on the Sanborn insurance maps.

I was already thinking that two of the folks were Bill East and Frank Spencer. Add the guy with the big ears and you’ve got a Winston-Salem Journal trifecta.


I might add that the same person suggested that Buddy and Hazel Levin from the Watson Avenue picture are probably in this one…I see a couple of possibilities.