Who invented rock ‘n’ roll? It wasn’t Elvis.


Bill Haley & the Comets had a big hit with this song. So did Elvis. But you just saw the original and the best. Actually, you saw a version “cleaned up” for white TV. I got to see the real thing in 1957, smuggled into the memorial coliseum by a group of rebellious older girls…that show included Hank Ballard & the Midnighters doing their banned hit “Annie Had A Baby”. To see what I mean, Google “Joe Turner Shake, Rattle & Roll”


Who is this guy? I know, because he changed my musical taste and my life.


And where is this? I know, because the guy above worked there every weekday afternoon. Tip: It’s not a used car lot…it’s a landmark in the cultural history of our city and the world.

I need the original photographs for 10 minutes so I can scan them to a better size.

Then we’ll get the story.