It is a tradition at the Forsyth County Public Library that the various departments and branches exchange e-mail Christmas cards. Somehow, the Grinch got assigned permanently to do the NC Room’s card. Here is the 2013 edition:


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For those unfamiliar with NC Room history, Janet Berkeley, the library director, began collecting North Carolina titles sometime in the 1930s. By the time that Anne Correll opened the North Carolina Room in 1975, she already had a collection of about 12,000 books on genealogy and local history.

When Anne retired in 1985, Jerry Carroll took over and continued to build the collection. Jerry retired in 2008 and Billy King took command. Today, the NC Room has about 33,000 books and 36,824 other items (microfilm, microfiche, maps, reports, catalogs, etc), not to mention 68 drawers of vertical files, family histories and other material, and a significant array of technology that more than enhances the physical materials.


Janet Berkeley (right) with Nell Nettles outside the Carnegie Public Library on Cherry Street sometime in the late 1930s. Nell Nettles would later marry Richmond Rucker.


Anne Correll (right) in the original North Carolina Room, receiving a gift book from local supporters.


Jerry Carroll ran the NC Room from 1985-2008.