As a frigid Christmas Day comes to a close, we fulfill an earlier promise by beginning to post scans from the 1925 publication on the Winston-Salem Police Department. The publication was originally given to the NC Room, but when Chief Cunningham came to office a few years ago, he revitalized an interest in department history, so we returned the items to the WSPD.

The images here are scanned from a photocopy of the original. I will try to borrow the original and do a high quality rescan at some point.


The cover copy is pretty low quality, but the most important thing is that we know whose copy it was, because he wrote his name at the top of the page. From 1890, for over a hundred years, there was at least one member of the Cofer family on the Winston-Salem police force. In 1925, there were three.


Jesse James Cofer was essentially the assistant chief of the department, and certainly one of the most distinguished ever to serve. We might point out that he was NOT named for the famous outlaw, who did not become famous for some years after Captain Cofer was born. There was one other captain, who we will meet in a later installment. As always, click the pic for full size image.


If you watch cop movies and TV shows, you might think that getting shot at is part of the job. The statistics say otherwise. Most police officers spend a whole career without ever drawing their guns, much less getting shot. Bill Cofer was an exception.


Jim Cofer was the owner of this copy of the Police Review. He was obviously a bright young man as proven by his rapid advancement to the detective division.

Next time we will take a look at the other administrators and the only woman employed by the force.