I noticed that one of our older posts from January, 2011, “Snow? I recall that back in ’27…”,  was getting an unusual number of hits today. Since there is no immediate snow forecast, I wondered why. I thought it might have had something to do with the New Winston Museum’s recent Christmas card on Facebook, but I was wrong.


High school girls shopping downtown in the snow, Fourth & Cherry Streets, 1958. Click for full image.

By tracing the links back, I found that someone had asked a question about historic snow storms in the Burlington area on the American Weather website. In reply, someone had posted a number of links to historic references regarding snow storms in NC, and one of those links was ours.


Moravian church diaries, 1803


Various records…local mentions highlighted. These are compilations, so mention “Winston-Salem” long before the town of Winston came into being.




Raleigh Times, April, 1915. Click for full size.

The American Weather website is a huge compendium of weather history. You can read their forums without registering, but if you want the links to work, you will have to register. When you click the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button, you will be presented with a page that asks what level of service you want, beginning with a $9.95 price point. DO NOT check that box…just continue to the next page, fill in the information requested, then reply to the registration e-mail and you will then be able to access all the links except the pay site part and reply to posts on the forums.

Great fun for all weather nuts. If you happen to be a hurricane loony like me, you also might want to take a look at Crown Weather Services, which will give you more up to the minute maps, charts, graphs and pictures about approaching tropical events than you could ever want.


I’ve extracted some of the more interesting snow links from American Weather for you:

Burlington, NC Times-News  February, 2013

Weather Underground – Snowstorms in the Southeast and Deep South

NewRaleigh.com  January, 2009

Raleigh News & Observer  February, 2012

And, of course, our blog entry once again