As we count down to the end of 2013, an observation.

Three years and eight months ago I posted 62 Years of NASCAR in Winston-Salem…

It was a bit about NASCAR’s oldest racing series at Bowman Gray Stadium in the Twin City.

But it was mostly a tribute to one of our patrons, who goes by the name Vibraswirl on Flick’r and his hard core dedication to researching the history of an earlier local track known mostly as Peace Haven Speedway, where Bill France made some of his earliest attempts to promote stock car racing.


This pic of Peace Haven Speedway hangs on the wall at Pulliam’s Barbecue in Ogburn Station. If you love hot dogs and have never been to Pulliam’s, treat yourself on Thursday, January 2, 2014. You won’t be sorry.

If I ever had any doubt about  the devotion of NASCAR fans, that post has totally dispelled it, because it is our all time number one post for hits, with a total nearing 800. And it has had at least one hit every week for the 195 weeks that is has been out there, including one today.

In addition, you will find an amazing collection of photos of old drive in theaters, restaurants, fast food joints, shopping centers, night clubs, aerial shots of the area and a summer camp for children and adults that you didn’t know about operated by the legendary Miss Dorminy, who taught several generations of local brats manners and how to dance.

So go take a look at Vibraswirl’s Flick’r pics…then thank him for his dedication. He and I both agree that you are going to get one fantastic book about short track racing in the Winston-Salem area.