If you are not up on the Tommygun story, go to the W-S Journal or Camel City Dispatch site and check it out. Here is what I found while looking for Tommyguns in the local papers in the summer of 1934. John Dillinger was killed outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago on July 22, but you won’t find that here. We had our own homegrown outlaws to contend with. This guy robbed churches…got to be kidding…at least his name was Tommy, but fortunately, not the gun:


Major sports upset…high schooler defeats Duke star in the local golf championship. No relation to me…the Brownlows were the plumbing folks…a 35 foot putt?


An important anniversary for a local church features a legendary local name:


You thought “American Idol” was a brilliant idea? That sort of thing has been around ever since way before.


Football season is on the horizon, and here is the latest news for Winston-Salem High. High school sports teams were identified by their city name rather than the actual name of the school well into the 1960s…we played Salisbury and Greensboro and Wilmington and Asheville and Charlotte…and the players were always referred to by their last names only, except, of course, for “Choo Choo”, into the 1950s:


More legends. This shoe repair shop was still locally famous decades later.


And a surprise appearance from the recent past.


Yet another local outlaw…a sometime member of the Bill Payne gang…comes roaring through the city.


Just another peaceful routine summer in the Twin City.

If you want to know how the Tommygun story comes out, you’ll have to wait until Monday night.