In case you haven’t heard, big changes are coming to how you find materials at the library. The following article has the scoop. As a result of the transition all libraries will close at 6 PM Wed. Feb. 5 and will not open until noon on Thursday Feb. 6. 

Improvements coming to Library

Starting at noon on Thursday, February 6th, the Library will become the newest member of NC Cardinal and also make the switch to Evergreen as our online catalog. Both of these changes will dramatically increase the number of resources at your fingertips and greatly improve your overall catalog experience.

NC Cardinal is a growing consortium of public libraries in 26 counties across North Carolina dedicated to sharing resources and expanding opportunities through the use of a single online catalog.

What this means is that as a FCPL card holder you will now have access to over 4.2 million library items. Your library card will also be welcomed at any participating consortium member institution.

Powering NC Cardinal will be Evergreen, a new software package the Library is switching to that will improve your online catalog user experience. Evergreen’s look and feel will be very similar to searches you do on the Internet now. For example, as you begin to type in the search box, a drop-down list of possible words beginning with those letters will appear. All of those terms link you to titles on that subject . If you type VEG, the resulting list includes Vegan, Vegas, and Vegetables.The results of a search also creates a list of related terms that run down the left side of the page. You may click on any of these terms to go to those materials. All of the great features you’ve been using in the previous catalog will still be available but with many new features that will enhance your online catalog experience.

One new features of Evergreen we think you will really like is the ability to create reading lists for yourself or to share with others. Perfect for book clubs members who want to share their book suggestions with other club members. Another feature lets you place multiple holds on materials with a single keystroke.