I note that we have had several hits recently on an old post about a free showing of two WW II documentaries at one of our branches. That post won’t be of much use to you now, but here is some information about those films that will:

Both films are available from Amazon.com, but you can also check them and many others out free from the Forsyth County Public Library. See how to do that below.


“How I Survived World War II” is a 50 minute film featuring interviews with a number of Charlotte area war veterans. It was produced by the Charlotte Rotary Club and WTVI-TV in Charlotte.


“If they could see us now, the story of Charlotte’s 38th Evacuation Hospital” is a 28 minute film about the extraordinary women and men who spent four years, three of those on the combat front, caring for wounded soldiers. The film was created by Chris Hudson.

The DVD also includes a Ken Burns promo (:31), a self promo (:31), deleted scenes (38:50) a radio interview w/Chris Hudson(4:20), and a magazine interview w/Chris Hudson (6:04)

Here is how to find them and over 500 other World War II films:

In your browser’s address bar, type forsyth.cc/library and hit return.

When the FCPL main page appears, click on “Search the Catalog”

When our new NC Cardinal catalog page appears, select “video” from the drop down menu at the left and type world war II into the box, then click “Search”. You do not need to make any other selections, such as “subject”…the “keyword” search will work fine.

You will be presented with 79 items currently held by the FCPL. Some of these are documentaries, others are theatrical films. You can browse through them or you can filter the results using the advanced search feature. Find the ones you like, click on hold, enter your information and you will soon have what you want.

FCPL copyClick image for full size

If you use the drop down menu to change the search from “Forsyth” to “Cardinal” (at the top of the list), then click “Search”, you will be presented with a list of 555 items held by our new statewide NC Cardinal consortium. Most of those can be checked out by using the same hold procedure. They will be delivered to your library of choice.

Cardinal copyClick image for full size