Last week a member of a family connected with the Winston-Salem police department for over a hundred years brought in the first few of what we hope will be many photographs. They are all interesting, but one jumped out at me. I asked if he had any identification of the people in the photo, which he did not…at the moment, at least…he’s working on it.

Meanwhile, I looked at the back, which had the unmistakable marks of a newspaper pasteup, thus obscuring most of what was underneath. But a date was barely visible, maybe 9-1-1948. So off to the microfilm. First tried the Winston-Salem Journal. No luck on 9-1-48, but it might have been a few days later. Gave up after September 8 and switched to the Twin City Sentinel. Bingo on 9-1-1948.


Click the pic for full size

Here is the scan of the actual photo…glorious!


Left to right: Traffic Sergeant J.H. Cofer, J.D. Redding, E.G. Cooke, R.L. Dull, Talmadge Leak. Check out Sgt. Cofer’s holster. Click the pic for big version.

Here is what one of these machines looked like. Those of us of a certain age remember them well.


When you say motorcycle, most people think of something with two wheels. But that is not necessarily so. Take a look at some three wheel history:

1896 Hiram Percy Three Wheeler

A guy named Hiram Percy made this in 1896


Who thought this up? Was it so you could say “I’ve got one more wheel than you do”?


New York Police Department riot bike, 1920s


Three wheel Crosley


Chrysler, 1932


After the great earthquake in Japan, most roads were virtually impassable for cars…so Harley’s like this one were everywhere


1936…dreamin’, keep on dreamin’…

DKW, world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, produced this streamlined 3-wheel racer in the mid 1930s



Moto Guzzi produced this mount for mountain troops, the Mulomeccanico,  just in time for World War II


1966…off we go into the wild blue yonder…

Much more coming soon…