A blog post from the Government and Heritage Library at the North Carolina State Library has some exciting news for genealogists:


Family Records: Quick Tips & 2,000+ new surnames added!

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 05:15 AM PDT

2,000+ new surnames added

We have exciting news for genealogists! We’ve made it even easier to find genealogical records in our online Family Records collection. 2,000+ new surnames have been added to the list of names on the Family Records website, bringing the list up to more than 3,500 names.

This list of names are a quick starting place for genealogists, but it’s certainly not the last place you should look! In fact, below are some tips to know before you use the list.

Family Records Quick Tips

  1. The Family Records collection contains genealogial materials from the State Library of North Carolina and State Archives of North Carolina – but it doesn’t contain all their online genealogical materials! The Family Records collection is one collection within the much larger North Carolina Digital Collections website. Several additional collections have resources of genealogical value:
  2. The Family Records collection includes six types of materials:
    • Bible Records,
    • a 6-volume index of marriage and death notices compiled from five North Carolina newspapers dating 1799 to 1893,
    • a small selection of genealogical books,
    • a growing collection of patron-donated reports (known as “vertical files),
    • WPA cemetery surveys from the 1960s,
    • and contemporary photographs of headstones in Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery & Hebrew section of Raleigh  Historic Oakwood Cemetery.
  3. The list of 3,500 surnames in the Family Records collection isn’t complete. It does not include all the surnames that appear in the Family Records collection. But, don’t let that deter you! If you don’t find the surname you’re looking for in the list, there are other ways to search for family names throughout all six types of materials in the Family Records Collection:
Type of material in Family Records Collection Surnames included in family name list? Surnames full text searchable? Surnames searchable in metadata? Alternative methods for finding surname
Bible Records Yes Some Bibles are full-text searchable, but not all. Yes
Marriage and Death Notices Partially Yes No
Genealogy books Partially Yes No
Vertical files (patron-donated genealogical reports) Yes Yes Yes
WPA cemetery surveys Partially Yes, but many typos, so you may not want to rely on full text searches. No Surveys are by county. Within counties, surnames are listed alphabetically.
Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery & Hebrew section of Raleigh Historic Oakwood Cemetery photos Yes Yes Yes

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