A few days ago, I did a post about the new building across Spring Street from the Central Library and the first folks to move in, the Winston-Salem Foundation. In it, I mentioned that the death of Leo Caldwell in a Reynolds High School football game at Hanes Park in 1923 played a part in helping get the foundation up and running.


Annie Graham Caldwell’s senior picture, Black & Gold, 1924

And in a sort of historical footnote, I mentioned that Leo’s sister, Annie Graham Caldwell served for many years as the RJR librarian and the soul of school spirit. That brought a number of e-mails and comments on Facebook about Annie Graham the legend. So I thought I would see if I could find her senior picture at Salem College.

Most of the yearbooks from NC colleges and universities are online at Digital NC. The senior pics are useful, because they are usually accompanied by a listing of the student’s college activities. And the pics themselves are OK, if mostly a bit mug shotish.

But you can always count on the Salem gals to be a bit more creative. Several issues of Sights & Insights contain a little trash talking amongst the seniors. But nothing can top the 1928 senior pictures themselves. You get two versions of each senior on the same page…one of her seated in a parlor chair togged out in the latest fashions, gazing up at a portrait hanging on the wall of the same young woman dressed in 18th century fashion, complete with powdered wig…something seldom actually seen in Salem in the 18th century.


Annie Graham Caldwell’s senior picture, Sights & Insights, Salem College 1928

You really must click on the picture to get the full effect.