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Janice pulled this battered clipping from the September 29, 1962 Twin City Sentinel out of one of her folders the other day. We have a better copy of the photo, but I liked the fact that the picture has its own history and takes us back a century in two steps.

It was taken around 1915, about 99 years ago. The reason that it ran in the Sentinel in 1962, 52 years ago, is that the block between Third, Fourth, Main and Church streets was scheduled for demolition to make way for the new Wachovia Building, now known as Winston Tower.

A lot of history fell before the wrecking ball in the next few months. Ironically, the only building shown in the picture that is still standing is the original Wachovia Bank & Trust building, now known as 8 West Third Street and managed by an old friend of mine.

By the late 1970s, that building belonged to the Forsyth County government and was itself slated for demolition. It was saved by a team led by Journal reporter David Bailey, Journal city editor Joe Goodman, Sentinel editorial page editor Alan Willis, Sentinel editor Bill East and a handful of local preservationists…they know who they are.

I have attempted to identify the occupants of most of the buildings as of 1915. The writing on the picture appears to be something of a last chance effort to ensure that all of the information regarding it is correct…from a time when newspapers still had the resources for multi-level copy checking.