We got a lot done on our second day at the Forsyth County Government Center. Many of those boxes that we packed last week got unpacked today, but there are still many more to come.

But perhaps the most important things that happened had to do with exploring our new environment and meeting some of our new neighbors. We discovered that vending machine coffee, while cheap, is still vending machine coffee, so I made a run next door to Krankies for some real coffee. That will probably happen again…and again…


The new view from our temporary home. The statue of legendary brick maker George Black watches over the plaza in front of the Government Center.


Here is what George sees…the former R.J. Reynolds factory #12 looks a bit different these days…


Once in the lobby, you take the escalator to the second floor…


The entrance to the Register of Deeds office is at the left…the rest is the new NC Room…just out of view to the right is where early voting is in progress, a big advantage for us…I waited for a slow moment and voted in about three minutes…


Karen hosts guests from Computer Services…we had many visitors today, including the county manager and the head of building security, who provided us with much important information…


A big moment…our long time microfilm guru Andy has just installed our new state of the art digital microfilm reader…he chose some comics from a 1939 edition of the Winston-Salem Journal to demonstrate the new capabilities.


But by far the most exciting moment of the day was when Billy wheeled in our department mascot, the camel. Contrary to popular belief, this is not “Old Joe”, the R.J. Reynolds camel. In fact, we have no idea of our camel’s origin. We found him in the legendary “Jerry’s closet” six years ago, along with many other interesting, if baffling, items. He does not even have a name…we just call him “the camel”. And, of course, he, like the image on the Camel cigarette pack, is not actually a camel. Camels have two humps. Ours has only one, and is thus a dromedary. But he is ours and we love him for it. Pic by staff photographer K. Feeney.

Stay tuned for more NC Room moving updates.