I note that Norman Hill, who just opened a new pub in Lewisville, has been poking around in vibraswirl’s extraordinary Flickr site and posting some aerial views of the Twin City from the 1960s on Facebook. It is difficult for those of us who lived those days to comprehend, but that was half a century ago. So I thought I would take a couple of those images and try to identify the most significant businesses and hangouts

I got some help from the 1966-67 city directory, but the area is so complicated that I had to rely on memory for much of it. If you see something wrong, give a holler.

The Thruway Shopping Center area, 1966.


The Putt Putt at Thruway, the second in the world, opened around 1955. Bill Kitchen was the manager…he allowed some of us kids to do chores for him in return for free games. Click the pic for full size.


How many gutter balls did I roll at Major League Lanes? You’ll never know. Again, click for the biggy.

If you want to see a lot more great stuff, go to Flickr and search for the user “vibraswirl”, who is one of the NC Room’s favorite patrons.