For a public library local history blog, 600-700 hits on any one post over a couple of years means great success. So when one of our posts is knocking on the door of 15,000 hits in barely a week, we feel as if we have gone viral.

That is what has happened with “In the beginning there was Thruway…” Who knew that so many people had such strong feelings about Winston-Salem’s first shopping center? We have had many comments directly on the blog and I have received dozens of messages on Facebook about this post…most crammed with new info that no one else knew about. I am assimilating that info, and will soon do a new, much bigger post, incorporating what I have learned, with many new pictures to boot.

But for the moment, some folks seem to be struggling with the geography, so I have made a new map, as of 1958, showing what was where along that stretch of Stratford Road at that time. Here it is, along with what I hope will be a couple of clarifying pictures. Much more to come.


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Selected Dairies, later Biltmore, opened on Stratford Road in 1938


Forest Hills Farm’s Smokehouse opened about the same time next to Selected Dairies. It had a restaurant and a retail sales shop for meats. The building still stands at the main entrance of Thruway Shopping Center.