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For a couple of decades, we made the trek…out of Blowing Rock, across the Blue Ridge Parkway onto Shull’s Mill Road…a tight twisting mountain highway, one of the prettiest drives in North Carolina…past old farmsteads and country churches…our destination, the Mast General Store at Valle Crucis, NC.


The Mast General Store opened at Valle Crucis, NC in 1883. This postcard shows the store around 1910.


Another view, c 1950. Cool cars, especially the WW II surplus Jeep.

Now all we’ll have to do to get there is walk out the front door, through the alley behind the Millennium Center and across Trade Street.  A few months back, in anticipation of this day, we did a post on the history of the Brown Rogers Dixson hardware business. If you missed it the first time around, you can read it here:


Now that sign gives way to a new one.


The ribbon cutting is next Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at 9:15 AM at 516 North Trade Street. Be there. And while you’re there, thank all the folks who helped make this happen, especially Mike Coe, whose vision and determination finally paid off.




Check out the Mast General Store online catalog, but be aware that each of their stores is tailored to the home community, so you will find things here on Trade Street that you will find nowhere else:


The image of Shull’s Mill Road is from Bing Maps. The images of the early Mast General Store are from Digital NC. The Brown Rogers Dixson sign was scanned from Winston-Salem Journal microfilm, 1928. The images of the new Mast General Store were shot today by me.