Pre-Order your copy today of Winston-Salem’s Architectural Heritage by Heather Fearnbach


And if you have not heard, you can preorder your copy of the SOON to be released, “Winston-Salem’s Architectural Heritage.”   The book is a survey of historic buildings, factories, churches and homes in Winston-Salem that was commissioned by the Historic Resources Commission and written by Heather Fearnbach, is available for pre-order.   The book will be release JUNE 1, 2015!


The book is offered at an early-bird discounted price of $40 now through July 1 if picked up at the Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First Street.  The book can be delivered for an additional $16.  After July 1, the discount will be discontinued and the book will sell for $60.


You can pre-order now at:  CityofWS.org/HeritageBook.


This 808-page book begins with the history of the early settlers of the area and continues by laying out the development history, building by building and neighborhood by neighborhood up to 1965.   With over 900 photos, historic and current, and an extensive note section, this publication will be Winston-Salem’s “architectural history book” for many years to come.  For historically significant structures, it describes their architectural style, when they were built, who built them, and who occupied them. Additionally, the book documents how more than 110 neighborhoods came to be developed.


“Winston-Salem’s Architectural Heritage” is the culmination of an eight-year survey and research project financed by the state Historic Preservation Office and the city. The project expanded the scope of previous historic architectural resource analyses, including Forsyth County’s first comprehensive survey, completed by Gwynne Stephens Taylor in 1980. The results of that survey were published in 1981 as “From Frontier to Factory: An Architectural History of Forsyth County.”