Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection, ca 1950

Sixty-five years ago, in 1950, the grand Sosnik & Sosnik women’s and children’s clothing store at 500-502 West Fourth Street (now the Loewy Building) merged with the grand Thalhimer’s Department Store of Richmond, VA to become Sosnik-Thalhimers. Pictures of the various departments were taken that year and we have found them…and have also compiled a list of the Sosnik-Thalhimers staff for 1950. No doubt, many of us have forebears who toiled there.

They don’t make-em like this any more:







The hat department was still called “millinery” in 1950


Prospective brides went here first, then here…


The lingerie shop...



Sportswear department…


Baby needs a new pair of shoes, or maybe two…or…


Even the elevators were ultra cool, because they didn’t look like elevators at all…there were always two in operation, so no waiting…and driven by professionals who always got you to the correct floor of the three available…


The stage was the scene of regularly scheduled fashion shows…

Except for the first picture above, all images are from the Library of Congress. Unfortunately, they are all quite small, but we have enlarged and enhanced them in Photoshop as  much as possible…

Sosnik-Thalhimers staff, 1950

“altwn” designates a person who did alterations. Evelyn Black, the fourth listed, was the wife of legendary brick maker George Black, whose statue stands on the plaza of the Forsyth County Government Center at 201 North Chestnut Street.

Evelyn Adams, cashier
Louise Archer, clk
Nancy Ayers, slswn
Evelyn Black, maid
Lura Bowman, artist
Delphine Brown, slsmn
Lillian Brown, buyer
Carola Carter, maid
Nell Clingman, crdt mgr
Margaret Coe, clk
Cleo Dow, cook
Effie Dunnagan, slswn
Letha Eaton, altwn
Jane Finley, mlnr
Albert Fleishel, dept mgr
Hazel Fuqua, slswn
Alice Futrell, slswn
Ophelia Glenn, maid
Mary Goodman, clk
Myra Gordon, slswn
Alice Griffin, slswn
Eva Harker, slswn
Gladys Henning, slswn
Arnita Hines, elev opr
Ethel Joines, tel opr
Treva Jones, altwn
Marjorie Joyce, slswn
Olive Klapp, slswn
Virginia Leary, slswn
Retta Means, slswn
Pauline Mehr, slswn
Joseph Mead, porter
Viginia Owen, fl mgr
Nettie Payne, maid
Elah Peace, slswn
Vivian Pope, slswn
Lena Shaffer, altwn
Evelyn Sheek, slswn
Elizabeth Sheets, slswn
Evelyn Sosnik, dept mgr
Lillian Sosnik, wife of Morris, sec
Morris Sosnik, pres – genl mgr
Samuel Sosnik, v pres
Emma Sprinkle, altwn
Nell Stroble, clk
Martha Taylor, slswn
Carol Tucker, clk
Myrtle Tuttle, cafeteria mgr
Mary Wentz, clk
Bertha Wilkes, maid
Joyce Williams, elev opr