In 2005, my long-time friend, local architect Aubrey Kirby, decided to give his children an extraordinary gift…a fifty page, heavily illustrated story of his extraordinary life…and he trusted me to write, design and produce it…my only disappointment was that it was to be privately published in a very small edition, so the potential audience was limited. Now, thanks to the sumptuous website “North Carolina Modernist Houses”, anyone anywhere in the world can read it.

Aubrey’s story is the Horatio Alger story, except in his case, it is all true. It is a story of grit, hope, determination and perseverance in the face of  daunting odds. Anywhere you are in or around Winston-Salem, you are near one of his lasting gifts to his community. Read his story and find out where those gifts come from.

To read his story, click on the image below. The link will open in a newwindow, so you can simply close the window to return here. Using the controls at the top of the page you can change the size of the image for optimal viewing.:


And once you have read Aubrey’s story, click on the image below to access an unforgettable banquet of Old North State modernist architectural resources.