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This ad ran in the Winston-Salem Journal and the Twin City Sentinel on Friday, August 10, 1945

This ad ran in the Winston-Salem Journal and the Twin City Sentinel on Friday, August 10, 1945


While doing research for our upcoming blog post on the history of local black theaters, I noticed a picture on the highly popular Cinema Treasures website purporting to be the site of the short-lived Ardmore Theater.


Unfortunately, that is not the place. What is shown is the currently quite popular Cin Cin Burger Bar, formerly the quite popular Twin City Diner, which originated as a quite popular Kroger store in the 1950s…no theater in its genealogy.


It is just a hop, skip and a jump to the real place, over in the 100 block of South Hawthorne Road. That block was originally residential in the early days of Ardmore, but in 1938 James M. Wooten opened the Food Palace Super Market in the middle of the block at 120-122 South Hawthorne. In 1945, the building was remodeled and on August 10, 1945, the Ardmore Theater opened there. It lasted less than a year. The building stood vacant for a couple of years.

Then, in January1948, the Winston-Salem Journal ran the picture below, announcing that the US Postal Service would be taking over the space for its Ardmore substation. The USPS would remain there until a new Ardmore station was built on Miller Street in 1962.


The former Ardmore Theater is at center. There were two ticket windows, one at each side of the entrance. At left is the residence of Rufus S. Cottingham, who operated Patty’s Sandwich Shop at 124 South Main. To the right is the new Kroger Store, which would move a half a block to First Street a few years later. Scanned from a badly faded clipping in our vertical files.


The Ardmore Post Office, c. 1950. The Sanborn Insurance map below shows us what else was where in 1950.


Who ran it in 1950?

First Street

Gulf Oil – John A. Woodward
Howard’s Service Station – Howard H. Valentine
Shore Bros Pure Oil – Rollin J. & Chester W. Shore
NA King ESSO N. Archie King

101 Herman C. Kennedy – chiropractor
103 Hawthorne Pharmacy – Carlton Robinson, Howard S. Fox
105 School of the Dance – Vinnie Frederick, Helen Stanley
107 Hawthorne Road Barber Shop – Wm. N. Tedder, C.C. Cranfill
109 Ardmore Restaurant – James R. Wood, Lynn F. Pierce
115 Quality Cleaners – Wm. H. Ellison, James R. Morrill, Jr.
Weatherman Shoe Service – Wm. W. Weatherman
117 Forsyth Self Service Laundry – Robert M. Cox
118 Kroger – James M. Wooten
119 Town Steak House – Wm. J. Chamis
120-22 USPS Ardmore
120 Russell Cleaners – W.B. Russell

Bobbitt’s College Pharmacy – A.B. Bobbitt, Hilliard Bobbitt, Kelse Collett