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In the wake of our post on North Carolina’s first all-electric bakery, a number of people complained that we did not include the entire 200 block of West Fourth Street. That happened because we were focused upon a single building. But we had compiled info on all the buildings in the block, so here it is. Enjoy.

Montaldo’s opened in 1919 on Fifth Avenue in New York, a pioneering idea of offering high fashion women’s clothing at ready-to-wear prices. It was founded by two sisters, Lillian and Nelle Montaldo. They soon opened a second store in Paris. Among the third wave of stores was the one in Winston-Salem. A third Montaldo sister, Lenore, moved to the Twin City to manage that store in 1923. She lived at 658 Holly Avenue during her time in the city. Montaldo’s would flourish here for the next five decades. Eventually, Montaldo’s had stores in Richmond, Virginia, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, St. Louis, Missouri and Bartlesville, Oklahoma, among others. In 1995, Montaldo’s declared bankruptcy and went out of business.

For a time, Montaldo’s advertised itself as being at the corner of Fourth and Cherry, even though they were not. The west end of the 200 block was completed in 1927, when James A. Gray built the corner store for the William T. Vogler and Son jewelry store, which needed a new location since their former spot at the corner of Fourth and Liberty was being demolished to make way for the building that will soon be the newest Hotel Indigo. Gray’s building was designed by Northup & O’Brien and built by Fogle Brothers at a cost of $27,000.