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A great partnership has begun with Wings Over Winston, an aerial photography company, and the North Carolina Collection staff at the Forsyth County Public Library. We are providing historical context for selected images taken by Wings Over Winston for their Instagram account. Check it out when you have time. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to see great views of Winston-Salem and learn about local history.


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World War II era Winston-Salem city directories now online


Hill's Winston-Salem City (Forsyth County, N.C.) Directory [1945], page 5

Forsyth County Public Library has provided four more city directories documenting Winston Salem and the surrounding area. These directories cover 1940-1945, adding to the set that was previously available. The large volumes can be extremely useful for many types of researchers because they are full-text searchable. City directories offer a wealth of information about property rights, business ownership, and local economic history.You can view all of the newly available city directories at the links below:

To view more city directories from the Forsyth County Public Library and browse all of their collections available on DigitalNC, please visit the contributor page. To learn more about the library and the services that it offers, please visit the website.

An exciting new look to a valuable resource from the State Library of North Carolina

End of year gift for fans of North Carolina history, heritage and culture: NCpedia’s new website goes live today!

Greetings old friends of North Carolina’s online encyclopedia, the NCpedia — and new and future friends too!

The new and improved NCpedia! December 2016.

The new and improved NCpedia! December 2016.

After several months of planning, design, programming and testing, NCpedia now has a brand new and updated user interface as of this morning. Same great content — no change there — but with an entirely new look and feel and user experience.

The site traces its history back before the dawn of the web, to frequently asked questions and then brochures created by librarians at the State Library to answer those questions.

Eventually those questions found their way into HTML pages in the 1990s, and then they coalesced into an encyclopedic collection called the eNCyclopedia.  By 2009, the content had grown to several hundred pages — and the site needed to find a new home in a content management system that allowed for expansion, search and a better user experience. The encyclopedia got a new home in Drupal and a new name — and NCpedia was launched.

NCpedia before the reno!

NCpedia before the reno!

Since that time, the content has expanded by more than 26,000 entries, including more than 6,500 encyclopedia articles and the more than 20,000 record volume of the North Carolina Gazetteer (an annotated index of North Carolina place names).  And more than 7,400 images have been incorporated along with maps and interactive features like timelines.  By 2015, it was time for the home to get a reno!

NCpedia is still in Drupal — but the site has received an entire remodel to improve usability, search and find features, and the overall user experience.  We hope you like it!

And if you would like more information about the history of NCpedia, please visit the “About NCpedia” page on the website:  We’ve even included some snapshots of the early days and how far the digital encyclopedia has come.  Today the site includes more than 7,000 articles and more than 7,400 images and receives more than 4 million visits per year.

Check it out!

Kelly Agan, Digital Projects Librarian

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We are pleased to announce that microfilmed issues of The Winston-Salem Chronicle are being digitized through a partnership with the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center (DigitalNC) and are now available online. With permission from the The Winston-Salem Chronicle, 15 microfilm reels were sent to DigitalNC for digitization this spring. Half of the collection was sent so that patrons would continue to have access to some newspaper back issues. The digitized editions cover 1974 through 1996 with the exception of 1988, due to an issue with the microfilm reel for that year. We will be sending the second round of reels to be digitized this fall. They will cover 1997 to 2014.

Chronicle 1st

Cover Page of First Issue, Sept. 5, 1974

The digital collection currently contains 1168 issues that  are conveniently organized by year and searchable in a calendar format.

Chronicle Calendar

Newspaper Search By Title, Then Date 1984 Selected For Calendar Date Display

Or you can browse the issues by thumbnail image. Click on the image to view the issue.  You can zoom in or out to view the issue, page back and forth through the issue, and view as text only or PDF. Also, you can use the “clip images” feature to save a page or generate a persistent link to the page. Please remember that The Winston-Salem Chronicle retains copyright for the newspaper’s content.


View Issues By Date Range (“Show Only Front Pages” Option Checked)

The newspaper editions are keyword searchable. Keywords are highlighted. Spellings may change over time so it is important to use different spellings to aid your search results. For instance, using “theater” and “theatre” for this search.


National Black Theatre Festival article keyword search result.

We hope that you find accessing The Winston-Salem Chronicle online at DigitalNC useful for your research, information, and entertainment needs. The back issues from 1997 to the present are available on microfilm in the North Carolina Room.


A blog post from the Government and Heritage Library at the North Carolina State Library has some exciting news for genealogists:


Family Records: Quick Tips & 2,000+ new surnames added!

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 05:15 AM PDT

2,000+ new surnames added

We have exciting news for genealogists! We’ve made it even easier to find genealogical records in our online Family Records collection. 2,000+ new surnames have been added to the list of names on the Family Records website, bringing the list up to more than 3,500 names.

This list of names are a quick starting place for genealogists, but it’s certainly not the last place you should look! In fact, below are some tips to know before you use the list.

Family Records Quick Tips

  1. The Family Records collection contains genealogial materials from the State Library of North Carolina and State Archives of North Carolina – but it doesn’t contain all their online genealogical materials! The Family Records collection is one collection within the much larger North Carolina Digital Collections website. Several additional collections have resources of genealogical value:
  2. The Family Records collection includes six types of materials:
    • Bible Records,
    • a 6-volume index of marriage and death notices compiled from five North Carolina newspapers dating 1799 to 1893,
    • a small selection of genealogical books,
    • a growing collection of patron-donated reports (known as “vertical files),
    • WPA cemetery surveys from the 1960s,
    • and contemporary photographs of headstones in Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery & Hebrew section of Raleigh  Historic Oakwood Cemetery.
  3. The list of 3,500 surnames in the Family Records collection isn’t complete. It does not include all the surnames that appear in the Family Records collection. But, don’t let that deter you! If you don’t find the surname you’re looking for in the list, there are other ways to search for family names throughout all six types of materials in the Family Records Collection:
Type of material in Family Records Collection Surnames included in family name list? Surnames full text searchable? Surnames searchable in metadata? Alternative methods for finding surname
Bible Records Yes Some Bibles are full-text searchable, but not all. Yes
Marriage and Death Notices Partially Yes No
Genealogy books Partially Yes No
Vertical files (patron-donated genealogical reports) Yes Yes Yes
WPA cemetery surveys Partially Yes, but many typos, so you may not want to rely on full text searches. No Surveys are by county. Within counties, surnames are listed alphabetically.
Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery & Hebrew section of Raleigh Historic Oakwood Cemetery photos Yes Yes Yes

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Article in this week’s Winston-Salem Chronicle:


Branch manager Yolanda Bolden (r) and library assistant Alicia Clinton at the Malloy/Jordan branch. Click the image to see the story.

Another of my “things found while looking for other things” posts. This one in honor of Valentine week.

In the 1890s it was traditional for the University of North Carolina yearbook to publish writings of students, most of them anonymous, in the back of the book. Here is one from 1898. As usual, click the image for full size::


This is no threat to be taught in any college course, but it does remind us North Carolina guys of something that we have always known.

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